Liability Law

If you have sustained serious injury in a slip and fall, by tripping on an unmarked or dangerous hazard, on sidewalks or steps that are icy or have not been properly maintained, on a wet floor, in a parking lot, or on another private premise that has inadequate or no warning signs, seek legal counsel from an Oregon experienced in Premises Liability Law.

Premises Liability Law is the body of law which makes the person who is in possession of land or premises responsible for certain injuries suffered by persons who are present on the premises. For premises liability to apply, the defendant must possess the land or “premises”.

Though comedians poke fun at people who hurt themselves while on a private or commercial property, for those who truly are harmed as a result of dangerous or unmarked hazards, the serious injuries sustained are no laughing matter.

Oregon attorney Tim Jones is a compassionate and fierce advocate for those injured as a result of premises negligence.  If you need legal counsel, choose experience.  Contact Tim Jones PC now.