Jones Act,
& Boating

Tim Jones PC has represented commercial fishermen, dockworkers, and maritime workers who have sustained serious injury or died as the result of negligence.

In one particularly tragic case, a faulty set-up caused a mooring line to break and strike an apprentice engineer resulting in a serious, permanent brain injury.  Attorney Tim Jones brought the negligence case to resolution, securing an $11.6 Million verdict on behalf of the injured worker.

In another case, negligent modification of fishing gear resulted in a commercial fisherman sustaining spinal fractures.  Attorney Tim Jones proved negligence, and resolved the lawsuit for $1.2 Million dollars on behalf of the injured commercial fisherman.


Depending on the circumstances of the injury, and the jurisdiction, your injuries may fall under the Jones Act, Maritime or local/state laws.  If you have sustained serious personal injury, or if a loved one lost their life due to a negligent act while working on a ship, fishing boat, or dock, contact an experienced Oregon law firm. Tim Jones PC offers a free initial phone consultation. If you or a loved one needs legal advice regarding a commercial fishing, Maritime, Jones Act, or boating injury or death, ­contact Tim Jones PC, now for a Free Consultation.