Construction Site
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Serious injuries that occur on construction or industrial work sites can be particularly debilitating. Too often, construction or industrial site workers lose their lives on the job.

Negligence is the reason for many of the serious personal injuries or deaths.
Falls from scaffolding, roofs, ladders, cranes – even falls through holes in the floor or construction areas that are not clearly marked as unsafe, are culprits. Many workers each year are injured by falling objects, such as tools or construction materials that are not properly secured.

Heavy equipment shares space with construction workers. When safe paths are not marked correctly, or workers are not aware of blind spots or pinch points, tragedy can occur. Every year, workers are run over, or crushed, by trucks or heavy machinery.

Industrial injury accidents can be similar to injuries sustained on construction sites, as large trucks and equipment are common on site. However, industrial accidents can also be the result of chemical or explosive events, or exposure to dangerous chemicals and spills.

Determining fault and/or negligence is key to apportioning possible “Third Party” responsibility for serious personal injuries or wrongful deaths incurred on construction or industrial sites due to negligence of contractors and subcontractors. Third party claims are particularly complex, and seeking advice from an experienced Oregon attorney is key.

Attorney Tim Jones has recovered multiple 7-figure third-party results on behalf of clients injured on worksites, including:

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