One million people in this county suffer burn injuries– every year.

Some will suffer permanent disabilities. Many will be disfigured, or die, from being burned.

Burns can happen in auto or truck accidents (including exploding gas tanks), house or trailer park fires, electrical accidents, industrial accidents, fire pits or grills, flammable clothing, mattress fires on board boats, space heaters, fireworks, and chemical burns. They often occur due to the negligence of another, or from a dangerous or defective product, including highly flammable fabrics, unstable fire pits, even defective phone or computer batteries.

If you or a loved one has been seriously burned or disabled due to a burn, or a loved one has lost their life from a terrible burn injury, contact an attorney experienced in handling serious personal injury and wrongful death claims. Make that call early in the process to ensure that evidence important to your case is protected.

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